My Configuration

module: mycomputer.c
author: T.KaruppuSwamy
date: 03-Nov-2005

static char laptop[64] = “HP nx6120 Laptop”;
static char job[64] = “@ T & B International”;

int main(int argc, char **argv)
char * os1;
char * os2;
char * os;

malloc(os2, OPEN_SOURCE, COMPACT);
malloc(os, NULL, 40GB);

//Office purpose – don’t change the following unless
//otherwise changing the job variable
strcpy(os1, “Windows-XP SP2”);
//Personal purpose – change as and when possible,
//free to change and test
strcpy(os2, “SuSE Linux 9.3”);

while ( true )
while (office hour) {
strcpy(os, os1);

while (free) {
strcpy(os, os2);

return GOOD;

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