Amazing OpenOffice 2.0!

One of my office colleague was working on a MS-Word (.doc) file with MS-Office 2003. Suddenly one bad day it was corrupted. He could not open the file with MS-Office 2003 suite. The recovery option did not even showed that there is a file to recover. Just like that I came to know this. I gave a try with OpenOffice 2.0 writer. It opened the file without any hassles. MS-Word (.doc) format is proprietory of Microsoft, which is closed one. A open source office suite (OpenOffice) which does not have this file format, is able to open a corrupted document, which was not possible to be opened by its native application (MS-Word). Great! My colleague was happy to see this magic. I gave a proud smile of trusting the OpenOffice.

Why can’t you give a try by downloading it from here?

Note: This incident has brighten the chance of migrating from MS-Office to OpenOffice in our office setup. Hope this will happen soon!!

Addon: Recently I have come to know that there is no Grammar check feature available in OpenOffice due to some license issue in integrating other grammar check tools with OpenOffice. Hope the next version takes care of this feature. Abiword, another word processor’s recent release has grammar check feature.

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