Installing Linux From Scratch – Part II

Day 3: 1st Aug 2006, evening (Tue):

Powered on PC and chroot-ed into LFS filesystem again. glibc compilation, time zone settings, etc. are being done. This time i am more comfortable. But tar command is not working in chroot-ed environment. I think I have done some mistake. But no problem, I extracted the bzipped tar files from host (Slackware 10.1) environment and compiled from chroot-ed environment. 🙂 🙂 happy to manage this kind of issues.

Day 4: 05th Aug 2006 (Sat):

The whole day I spent on LFS with lovely interruption from my cute child udhaya. Hope she is the reason for motivation behind finishing this LFS installation on this day. Yes, I have finished LFS installation successfully on this weekend. It took 4 days (3 weekdays + 1 weekend) for me to install the complete LFS system. I don’t find word to express my joy when I got the login prompt and shell prompt once the system is booted. It is too wonderful to see something working (though I have not written any code, I have just followed a printed document and did what it said..) with my effort of creating my own compilation of all codes, configuration files, creating directory hierarchies, etc. I have learned a lot of things behind developing a distribution. Some of the things are complicated than what I assumed and some of the things are in reverse. Just I was dancing and singing with run on every corner of house.

Tips for everyone who wish to go for LFS:

1. Though I have just followed what has been documented, at some point of installation I was diverted from guide. Some of the command like tar, clear, patch were not working from chroot-ed environment. But I managed those stuff from host environment. So don’t get annoyed at any circumstances. Try to solve it yourself by finding other options.

2. I got a lot of error while running test suites of gcc and glibc, but I continued with. But everything worked fine after installation. So need not worry about test suites errors until otherwise it is show stopper issue for you in proceeding with installation.

3. It is very difficult to finish the complete installation in single shot. Better plan for phases of installation.

The top moral is need to have a lot of patience to proceed with installation. But the end result will be as I have already told, dancing and singing……!

LFS Registration ID: 17603
Name: KaruppuSwamy.T
First LFS Version: 6.1

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