ES620 IrDA dongle with Nokia 6610

I have MA620 compatible ES620 IrDA adapter with Nokia 6610 GPRS enabled mobile phone. Here is a smal HOW-TO on connecting to internet with this setup.

1. Ensure that the following modules available and loaded.
a. uhci_hcd
b. ircomm-tty
c. pl2303
d. ma600-sir
e. irda
f. irtty-sir

3. make as script called with the following content:

# Minimal stuff required to get the MA620 USB IrDA dongle recognised by
# the kernel. Version 1 — works with unpatched kernel, but only at
# 9600bps.

modprobe uhci_hcd
modprobe pl2303
modprobe irda
echo 9600 > /proc/sys/net/irda/max_baud_rate
modprobe irtty-sir
modprobe ma600-sir
modprobe ircomm-tty
irattach /dev/usb/ttyUSB0 -d ma600 -s

exit 0

4. I tested it with my Nokia 6610. It works fine. irdadump confirmed it. The I dialed to internet through “wvdial” command using /dev/ircomm0 as modem device.

5. My service provider is Airtel, India. Here is settings for the same in my city Chennai, India.

Phone number to dial: *99***1#



(both username and password or blank or any junk)

Happy GPRS browsing!

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