Tweak Firefox Extensions against version incompatibilities

Firefox 2.0 RC2 has been released. It is well polished and has good number of features which includes, better tab handling, anti-phishing, inline spell check,etc. We use to face the problem of version incompatibilites of existing firefox extensions while we test beta/release-candidate versions. Some time even after official release of Firefox new version, the extension developer don’t update their extension immediately. If there is no major API change in firefox, most of the old extensions works well with new firefox. The upcoming Firefox 2.0, does not have any major API change which makes us to tweak the existing extensions to work well with new firefox. Here is a simple HOWTO on the same:

1. Download and save the extension which you want to install in your desktop.

2. The firefox extensions are packed as zip file and renamed as .xpi. So you can use any unzip tool to extract the content of the .xpi file (you can easily rename as .zip instead of .xpi, then your default zip program will extract the file when you double-click it)

3. You can find install.rdf file in the extracted file. You can find a tag called “<em:targetApplication>”. Under that tag, you can find firefox minimum and maximum version. Replace the maximum version with new firefox release and save the file.

<!– Firefox –>

4. Now zip the entire directory and rename it as .xpi.

5. Open the .xpi file from firefox. Now your favourite installed and works well with new firefox release.

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