Come on, GNOME based Pardus Linux!

Some times back I had written a small review on Pardus Linux 2007. I had mentioned that I did not use it for long time, but it is worth to watch this innovative and good performing distro. My production system is Ubuntu based. Before upgrading/installing Ubuntu 7.04, I was trying to use Pardus Linux 2007 as my production system as trial basis. It was a good success. The performance, usability, stability are near comparable with Ubuntu. But it needs more integration of application, polish and better English language support. I was running this system for a month and found very satisified.

But personally I like to work with GNOME than KDE (atleast till KDE4 released). I am interested in GNOME based Pardus. Is there any attempt in this direction? I am eagerly waiting…. 🙂

Great Distro from wonderful Pardus team, thanks and all the best!

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  1. I don’t think supporting gnome is a mayor concern for the Pardus team.

    Simple means less “standard” choices. But there are lots of packages ready for emerge from the contrib repo, for people that want choice, and are more Linux Literate.

  2. Thanks bahadir for the right information. But I am looking for stable tested repository from Pardus for Production system. Is anybody knows Pardus has any idea of providing official packages for GNOME??? 🙁

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