Paypal Donation integration with your web site

paypal_logoHere is a mini HOWTO on integrating paypal account with your web site for donation acceptance.

1. create a Business account in (It is free)
2. Add your bank account in “My account”->”Profile”->”Add or Edit Bank Account link”. You can transfer your paypal balance to this account. Similar way you should link your Debit/Credit card also.  To pay/donate to somebody, you should either have enough balance in your paypal account or you should have linked Credit/Debit Card to your paypal account.
3. To create Donate button: Go to “Merchant Services”->”Key features”->”Donations”
4. Fill up the simple form (ensure that Button encryption is set to “Yes”) -> “Create Button now”
5. Copy the HTML code shown on screen to one of the pages in your web site.

That is all, you have to do. Some of the tips given below may be useful for you.

  • Creating a business account makes your donor to donate without creating a paypal login for him/her. If you don’t want this feature, you can create a standard account.
  • The donations credited goes to your paypal account. You can login into paypal site, and withdraw the amount to your Bank account. Most of the premier Indian Banks are supported.
  • You can refer this paypal page for the features supported for your country.
  • You can refer here for the currencies supported as of now (NO Indian Rupees support so far)
  • Nothing comes free in this world. Here is the pricing chart for paypal service.
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