Request Access – Firefox Extension


Sometimes we encounter “Firewall – Access denied for the web site you requested!” message while surfing from a corporate network. Unfortunately, firewalls sometimes rate a good valid site as blacklisted site. In that case we use to request our system administrator to whitelist that site. A tool is necessary to make this job one click away.


This tool is a Firefox extension, which comes in handy for this purpose. Once you encounter this message, you have to just click “Request Access!” menu in Tools menu of irefox. Now your mail requesting administrator to unblock the site is ready in your default mail client. Just click “Send”. That is it. Your System Administrator’s email-id and your Full name are configurable through Options button in extensions dialog. This is my first contribution to open source world. My first firefox extension too. Welcoming your comments for this tiny tool..!



Get it from authentic Mozilla’s official Firefox addons site

You know that I have developed a small extension called Request Access for Firefox. Recently Mozilla asked its addon developers to upgrade their applications to upgrade to support Firefox 3 which is scheduled to release in a month from now. I did the same for my Request Access also.

Mozilla has sent me a T-shirt free of cost. It is 100% cotton, cool color and logo. Here is that for your viewing pleasure.

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