How to upgrade Android Dev Phone 1 to SDK 1.6?

android-dev-phone-100_115Android Dev Phone 1 shipped with version 1.0 system image. After wards the Android went through two more releases 1.5 & 1.6.  Since Android Dev Phones are not locked with any Service Provider, there is no OTA update (update through Mobile network) available. Since Dev Phone is manufactured by HTC, they provide support for upgrade. HTC Developer Center provides the detailed guideline and steps to upgrade Dev Phone. It also hosts both radio image and operating system image to download. I upgraded to 1.6, the highlights of this release are here. Here the process I followed is summarized.

1. Install the Android SDK to get the adb tool, which will connect to Android to push the updated images. My OS is Ubuntu 9.10 Beta – I installed the SDK for linux from Download Android 1.6 SDK, Release 1 this link.

2. If you are using Windows, you have to install the USB driver for Android, which is bundled with SDK itself. In case of Linux, ensure that udev rules are added for Android mobile. For more detailed installation instructions, refer Installing the Android 1.6 SDK.

3. Eclipse is not necessary for our task of upgrading the Android. It is useful for development purpose.

4. Ensure that your device is listed when you issue adb devices command.

5. There are two ways to do upgrade. One is System Image method and another one is Recovery Image method. I followed Recovery Image method which is simpler than later one.

6. Download the radio image and Recovery image for Android 1.6 from Download the Image Packageslink.

7. Update the radio image and recovery image as per the instructions in HTC Developer Center .

Though the above steps are available in HTC Developer Center, the purpose of this document is to share my experience. Here are my observations while upgrading.

1. The entire upgrade process was smooth. If you have patience and brave to experiment, it is nothing.

2. After upgrade, I found new Google Search Widget found to be crashing the mobile. This new widget provides support for local data search and online search together. And also I found the mobile is not responsive at many instances. I suspect this due to already installed tons of applications. So I cleaned up my mobile leaving back only operating system and bundled applications. This can be done Settings -> SD Card & Phone storage -> Factory data reset. With this you will lose all your installed applications and data on phone. SD card won’t be affected in any way. So before restting, ensure that you synchronize your contacts!


3. Camera applications is loaded faster than previous release, and interface has some improvements.


4. VPN is supported, I have not yet tested.

5. A new Home screen shortcut called Settings is available which can link to mostly used settings screens.


6. A new Widget called Power Control is more useful to control Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sync & Brightness. If it can include Data control (GPRS/Edge and 3G), it would be complete one.


7. Market application has been totally revamped to get better. Category wise top applications are shown and it is faster also. Screenshots are also provided.


These are all my observations in one day of usage. Overall it is a pretty easier and smoother upgrade except instability observed before Factory data reset.

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  1. Hi,

    I tried upgrading the HTC Magic and I am getting the following exeception so I am unable to proceed. Please let me know how to fix this.

    Installing form sdcard
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:No signature (5 files)
    E:Verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    I used Android 1.6 Radio Image

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