How to type in Tamil in GMail? (Indian languages)

GMail logoIf you are a Google addict like me, then you can use  in most of the Google applications like GMail. Here is how you can configure your GMail to enable Tamil typing.

Step 1: Go to Settings in GMail, you should be in General tab.

Step-2: If there is a check box called Enable Transliteration, select it. If this option is not available, look for Show all language option. Select this and then select Enable Transliteration.

Step-3: Now you select the language you want to use. I have selected Tamil.

Tamil input configuration in GMail

Step-4. Save the changes.

Step-5. Now try to compose a mail. You can see a Language list box in tool bar. I select Tamil there and start typing in Tamil. This is transliteration method. So to type “தமிழுக்கு அமுதென்று”, you have to type “thamizhukku amuthendru” using your usual English keyboard. On the fly it will change English characters into Tamil characters.

Selecting you language and typing

Long live, the Tamil! – வாழிய நற்றமிழ்!

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