Tamil to English Dictionary from Google

Google offers Tamil to English and English to Tamil dictionary. Still this service is not much popular. The reason could be two things. One is the dictionary is not yet perfect enough to use. Another reason may be Tamil people’s expectation of getting translation service from Google, this aspiration could have dampened this tool’s popularity.

I just want to introduce this tool here, nothing big to explain on this. When I try to translate a simple word “வாழ்க” from Tamil to English, the tool failed to translate. It displayed “No dictionary translations were found for: வாழ்க in Tamil”. See the screenshot below. But it was able to translate a complex word “நுண்ணறிவு” to some extent. The following screenshots summarizes the behavior of this tool.

(click to enlarge)

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Please let me know your experience on this tool. Enjoy!

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