How I lost 17 pounds in 3 months?

The recent good development in my personal life is my intention of losing excess weight and did succeed to remarkable extent. I have lost 17 pounds in 3 months of time with some simple efforts.

The period is from Jan-2010 to Apr-2010. I am listing down the activities which I did in these months of period. It may be helpful for some one who read. The beauty of this is I haven’t taken much strain. Still able to achieve this. Let me start.

1. Jan 2010: I came to USA from India. Continue taking south indian dishes like idli, dosa, upuma as break-fast. Lunch was 3 cups of rice with vegetables or chicken/egg. Dinner was 4 medium size Chappathis with vegetable as side dish. My intake of non-veg increased after coming here in USA. Started taking Lipton Green Tea twice a day – continuing till now. Commuting to works by walk which is atleast 15 minutes walk in one direction. After lunch started walking for 15 minutes.

2. Feb 1st and 2nd week: Just changed my break-fast as a bowl of honey bunch cereal with milk or Oats with milk. All others continued as it was in Jan.

3.  Feb 3rd week to Apr 1st week: Going to gym for weekly 5 days. Each day spending 200 calories to 350 calories using Tread mill or Elliptic equipment. Changed lunch from 3 cups of rice to 2 cups rice with increased vegetable quantity. Cut down curd intake.

4. Apr 2nd week to 4th week: Lost 8 kgs (17 pounds) at the end of 1st week of Apr. After this I am trying different exercises to cut down belly fat. I don’t go to gym, still maintaining the weight.

All the best for you!

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  1. Nice KaruppuSwamy. When did you start to eat Non-Veg? Its a big news for me.

    Nice to read the Article.

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