Mini Solar Fan functioning in Sun light and artificial light

Solar Fan

Recently I got a mini Solar Fan from DealExtreme, which offered this for $5 only. It is meant for attaching with your cap or hat to get some breeze while walking on sunny days. But I bought it as a toy. This is my first solar toy.

It is basically a small array of solar cells, micro motor and a nice transparent blades assembled in a beautiful way.

Bottom of the fan houses array of solar cells

I tested it with both Sun light and artificial light. In Sun light it was running fantastic.

Solar Fan runs in Sun light

But in artificial light, I found it difficult to align with light rays, so that it starts running. The artificial light intensity is not enough to generate enough voltage and power to drive this. Though the artificial light glows continuously without any interference like clouds and varying intensity – it is NOT so.

Solar Fan runs in artificial light

The alternating current (AC) which flows through the lamp brings the intensity of light to zero once in 1/50th (or 1/60th) of a second. This varying voltage, which in turn varying photons from lamp does not relieve enough electrons – so less voltage – so less power – so less kinetic energy to move the blades.

The following figure shows the varying voltage applied to our lamp.

Alternating current (Sine wave)

I have captured my play moments with this toy in a small video. This is my first tech video attempt… my presentation seems to be horrible, cool… give me some time to improve it 🙂 Just have a glance once how this cute fan performs!

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