How To: Customize WordPress for iPhone and Android in a few clicks

The self hosted WordPress site can be viewed in Smart phones like iPhone, Android and Blackberry with better native look and feel of the phone’s native screen size, UI controls, font and touch screen input. It is going to be installation of WPTouch, which customizes the user interface of our site native to the phone. In usual HTML browsers in Desktop and Laptop, the site looks in usual way. Here is how to do it.

Step-1: Login to your wordpress admin page (wp-admin) -> Plugins -> Add new

Step-2: Under Search enter WPTouch and press Search Plugins button.

Step-3: Click Install in WPtouch iPhone Theme. It will display option as Install now in small window. Click here to install.

Step-4: Once installed, you will be redirected to main window which will show a link as Activate Plugin. Click this to activate it. You are done! Visit your site from any iPhone and see how to content is shown.

iPhone showing this web site

If you don’t have iPhone to test, just install User Agent Switcher extension for Firefox. Then follow Firefox menu -> Tools -> Default User Agent -> iPhone 3.0. Now visit your site with this settings, you should see how your site will look in iPhone. I have tested this how-to on both real iPhone device and above method. The above screenshot is from second method.

This plugin supports Android and Blackberry also. You can customize more with Settings -> WPTouch in side bar menu of wp-admin page.

There are other options than WPTouch to get it done. You can click here to get more information on that.

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  1. I’m a huge fan of WPtouch. Why everyone running WordPress doesn’t use it (at the minimum) is beyond me.

    Do you know of any good options for generating screenshots to test how it looks on various mobile devices? I’ve got an iPhone, but would like to know how my sites look on Android, Blackberry, et. al.

  2. I just love what you’re doing with your site. I initially found it a little bit back on yahoo and am grateful that I clicked on your link! There’s some really great, helpful information about the different Android phones and Android apps here.

    This is such an exciting time (assuming you’re an Android-geek like myself) to own one of these great phones. I’ve changed my lifestyle dramatically since I got my Android phone. A bunch less TV and a lot more monkeying around with my phone. I don’t even feel too bad because some of the amazing Android apps out there are helping me with my everyday life… Well, that’s my excuse anyways!

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