How to run DOS games on Ubuntu

Many of us would have not forgotten the good old days of DOS. We use to play a lot while learning BASIC and Foxpro kind of stuff. Here is a way to play those DOS games in Ubuntu also. You need DOS emulator called DosBox. Let me brief how to do it.

Step-1: Install the DosBox as given below in terminal.

$ sudo apt-get install dosbox

Step-2: Get some DOS games downloaded from internet (Google will get you a lot of freeware games) and copy them to ~/dos_games folder (dos_games folder in your home directory).

Step-3: Run the DOS emulator as given below in terminal.

$ dosbox

A new DOS window will open.

Step-4: Now you mount your dos_games folder as C: drive in DOS command prompt.

Z:\> mount C ~/dos_games

Now you should find your downloaded DOS games in C:\ path. Run those executables and enjoy!

Here is how a form of PacMan runs on my Ubuntu 10.04.

PacMan on Ubuntu through DOSBox (click the image to enlarge)
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