How to safely remove ubuntu in dual boot installation

It is not uncommon to see dual boot installation featuring Ubuntu and Windows. I have seen many of my friends try to install Ubuntu in a partition keeping the Windows installation not disturbed. Now a days I suggest them to go for wubi installer, which creates a virtual partition in Windows file system to install Ubuntu. But some people want to experiement with 100% natural Ubuntu installation than virtual partition.

When they face some issues, most of them just wipe out the Ubuntu partition, which results in broken GRUB Master Boot Record (MBR). So the system goes unusable. Here is how avoid this and fix if necessary.

How to avoid broken system?

1. Deciding to uninstall Ubuntu? Think thrice since you may miss an opportunity to learn a new computing experience. Still if you decide, take backup of data you have saved in Ubuntu (by copying to Windows partition in File manager- Nautilus). Next job is to get your Windows CD and boot the system from CD. Use BIOS short cut keys like F12 to boot from CD/DVD.

2. When Windows XP CD prompt for Press any key to boot from CD…, press any key and boot into Windows installation wizard.

3. When the system asks for Installation or Recovery console, select Recovery option. Now Windows will search for you Windows installation and asks you to confirm by displaying the path of installation. Select your Windows installation serial number when prompted.

4. You will be asked for Windows Administrator password. Enter the password; you will get Command Prompt.

5. Enter FixMBR command at prompt. Just reboot once this command is done, by entering Reboot at command prompt.

6. You are done. You should have a proper Windows Master Boot Record installed now.

7. Now you are in Windows. Go to My Computer -> Right click -> Manage -> Disk Management: Select your Ubuntu partition and delete the partition.

Note: This write-up is for Windows XP, this logic is applicable for Windows 7 also. Right now I don’t use Windows system for personal purpose, so please share your opinion on accuracy of these instruction.

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