How to make Slide show using GIMP in a few clicks

GIMP is an open source Image editing tool. There is a feature to create a slide show in GIMP with the output as Animated GIF format. It can be done in a few mouse clicks. My system is Ubuntu 10.04 with GIMP 2.6.8.

Here is the step by step tutorial on this.

Step-1: GIMP -> File -> Open as Layers… -> Multiple select your pictures

Step-2 (optional): If you want to resize all pictures at once, to create a smaller slide show animation: Image -> Scale Image… -> Adjust width and height as you like -> Scale.

Step-3: File -> Save As… -> Select File Type -> GIF Image (.gif) -> Save

Step-4: Export File dialog -> Save as Animation -> Export

Step-5: Save as GIF dialog -> Select “Use delay entered above for all frames” and “Use disposal entered above for all frames” -> Delay between frames where unspecified as time in millisecond as you like (I have selected 3seconds, so 3000ms) -> Save

That is it. Now you have your animated GIF file as slide show. The below shown California Nature Slide show created this way.

California Nature Slide show created with GIMP

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