Weather report at command line in Linux

Are you a 24×7 command line guy? Chances of not switching to X console in your linux distro are more for you. Here is a command line weather report tool for you. This tool helps you to plan for your week-end trip while you are compiling some junks. It is easy to get it. Here is how I got this weather-util tool version  in Ubuntu 10.04.

How to install it in Ubuntu?

$ sudo apt-get install weather-util

How to use this tool?

Here is a sample usage to get weather report of San Jose, CA.

$ weather –forecast –no-conditions –city=san_jose –st=ca

City Forecast for San Jose, CA
Issued Thursday afternoon – Jul 15, 2010
Thursday night… Low 61, 0% chance of precipitation.
Friday… Sunny, high 90, 0% chance of precipitation.
Friday night… Low 62, 0% chance of precipitation.
Saturday… Sunny, high 88.
Saturday night… Low 59.

You can find your city and state argument in

It is up to you to have a small script to list down your favorite areas. Hope it may be useful for you!

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  1. 2013 Sept 22: Today, I installed version is 2.0, some syntax has changed: do not use = after city or state options.
    FWIW, using weather to search for a popular city name can produce nothing you can use yet have 74 matches. Seems the program dislikes presenting large lists of matches.

    spuffler@Kubuntu-13:~$ weather concord
    Searching via name…
    Your search is too ambiguous, returning 74 matches.

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