Review with screenshots: New Installation wizard for Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick)

Ubuntu 10.10 code named as Maverick is nearing release in coming October. It has come up with new installation wizard with some good improvements and some missing features. Overall it awesome, but some missing features for advanced users. Here is my hands on this installation. I used daily build of Ubuntu 10.10, so it should be bleeding edge.

Screen-1: Once booted with Live CD, there is no initial grub menu shown, it goes directly to a complete GUI based dialog. It gives option of installing or trying with Live CD desktop. Apart from this, I noticed three controls on top right corner of screen.  They are wireless configuration, Audio control and Shutdown control. It looks highly professional now. The wireless configuration is highly useful when I install Ubuntu on a laptop, on the fly it can install updates after CD release. I believe Audio control is meant for Accessibility features.  It seems to be a perfect way to start Ubuntu installation.

Screen-2: Once Installation is selected, the next screen does three jobs. First one is to check minimum free space availability in hard disk check. Second one is meant for laptops, to ensure that it is connected to power for uninterrupted installation. Third one is checking the availability of internet at this moment (in previous screen, wireless should have been configured in case wired connection is not available). All these checks are just guide lines, NOT mandatory to continue the installation.

If internet is enabled, the next two options are applicable. They are “Download updates while installing” and “Install the third party software” check boxes. This is a major step from Canonical to make Ubuntu Installation easier for newbies. It installs all necessary audio and video decoders to get going with multimedia playing once desktop is booted first time. Wonderful!

Screen-3: The next screen is usual Guided Partitioning options.

Screen-4: I select Manual partition method.

Screen-5: Not much change in partitioning screen also. I have selected existing partition for /,  /home and swap. It performs with better speed. Though I selected Hard disk as boot loader destination, it did not install Master Boot Record 🙁 Hope it would be fixed in RC release, which seems to be a major bug.

Here one major change in the flow is, installation starts with “Install now” button. But still you can configure other installation options parallel with installation.

Screen-6: Selecting Time Zone.

Screen-7: Selecting Keyboard layout

Screen-8: User name configuration screen. The option found in previous Ubuntu installation to import data from Windows installation is missing.

Screen-9: Installation goes with slide show of features. The below screenshot shows F-Spot as photo manager, but Shotwell has replaced it in Maverick. Hope, in next RC release this will be fixed. BTW Shotwell, which does perform far better than F-Spot IMHO.

Screen-10: Thanks to Wireless configuration, I get all my updates while installing.

Screen-11: For advanced user, who wants to see the behind the screen stuff, still there is an option to see the console messages. And also option to skip updates is still available as in previous releases.

Screen-12: At the end, there is an “Restart Now” dialog which is the end of installation.

Screen-13: Wow! Here is the Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop after first boot.

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  1. Just a note, you’ve written “download uploads” instead of “download updates” 🙂

    Thanks for the article. I’m running the beta right now, and it seems good so far.

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