How to make selective focus photo with point and shoot camera?

First let me admit that I am a noob in Photography, here is my first attempt in learning something on photography. My camera is Canon Powershot SD880 IS. It is a point and shoot camera for layman like me.

I like the selective focus shots very much. I know that SLR camera is the right one to take a selective focus photo. But I understood from the Reddit community that it is possible to do it with point and shoot camera also with a lot of limitations. The limitation seems to be you should zoom in the object as close as possible. So it should be useful for certain photographs.

Here I am trying to focus Dora doll leaving the background table top calendar blurred. The settings I have given below is for my Canon Powershot SD880 IS camera, but the concept should be applicable for any point and shoot camera.

This is the selective focus photo I shot.

Dora Selective Focused
  1. Leave enough distance between focused object and background. In this case it is Dora doll and Calendar.
  2. Have enough lighting on object. Since we are going to zoom in closely, flash won’t help. So keep the Flash setting in OFF position.
  3. Set the camera on Macro mode using the button mentioned in below figure.
  4. Zoom in the object as close as possible. You should see the blurred background and focused object in the preview screen itself. Just click.
Canon SD880 IS - Macro and Flash buttons

That’s what I did. Hope it would be useful for a noob like me who is trying to do it. Please comment here if any corrections and omissions.


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