DIY: Damn cheap laptop cooling pad out of waste materials.

Here is how I got a damn simple and cheap laptop cooling pad. In market, you can find hell lot of cooling pads in wide range of price. I just thought of trying to make a cooling pad with the materials available at home, so ultimately at the price of zero. This model does not have cooling fans. Basically laptop cooling pads provide air flow below the laptop base, so that all ventilation on bottom of laptop gets fresh air. This is what this cooling pad also does.

Materials required:
1. Unused D-Link Router/Modem base stands – 2 No. (or any such similar one as shown below)

D-Link base stand

2. Unused rubber tube of a bike

Tools required:
1. Hacksaw
2. Flat needle file
3. Scissor

How to get it done?

Step-1: Cut a corner of the D-Link base, so that it can be used as slant stand with the help of hacksaw and needle file. It should look like the one shown below.

D-Link stand after cutting a corner

Step-2: Cut the bike tube into small rubber bands as shown below. Depending on the thickness of your laptop you may require n number of bands. These bands are used as place holder and cushion.

Rubber bands made out of tube

Step-3: Insert D-Link stands on either side of the laptop with rubber bands as packing material as necessary. Now your laptop should have slant keyboard base so that you can work comfortably. The more air flow under the stand makes your laptop cooler than keeping it on a table or lap.

Getting ready....


Cooling pad ready!
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