How to to do parental control to keep track of kids time on Linux Mint Debian Edition Computer using timekpr application

timekpr is a nice GUI application to keep track of your kids time on Computer. Here is what this application claims – “This program will track and control the computer usage of your user accounts. You can limit their daily usage based on a timed access duration and configure periods of day when they can or cannot log in. With this application, administrators can limit account login time duration or account access hours. The application works as a parental time control, and will be useful to parents who want to limit child access time.”

Unfortunately this application is released only for Ubuntu that too up to 11.04 version only. This application depends on Gnome Display Manager (GDM), which has become obsolete from 11.10 version. LightDM has replaced GDM. Unity also prevents this application from working. timekpr team is working towards getting a new release to align with latest Ubuntu by August 2012. Having said this there is no package released for other distros too.

My Home PC is Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE). If you are like me, still you can use last official Ubuntu package to install in LMDE with a simple tweak.

1. Download the latest Ubuntu package for timekpr from here.

2. LMDE uses MDM as its default display manager, which is same as GDM except branding. So I create a symbolic link to the /etc/mdm folder as /etc/gdm.

# ln -s /etc/mdm /etc/gdm

3. Now it is straight forward installation

# dpkg -i timekpr_0.3.2~ppa1~ubuntu2_all.deb

It is done. You can launch the application with root privilege (Menu -> Administration -> Timekpr Control Panel). The rest is straight forward as shown below.

Note: It is always advised to spend quality time with kids and educate them to spend time on  computer in a reasonable way than restricting this way. It is an effort to train them, not a permanent solution.

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