Configuring D-Link DSL-2520U Broadband modem/router for BSNL

I just thought of documenting my successful configuration data for D-Link DSL-2520U modem on BSNL broadband line.

In my setup I have connected the modem with DSL line and Ethernet cable with WAN port of Wireless router. I was able to access the modem configuration page through URL: Here I have dumped the configuration used by modem once it is successfully configured.

At the end of this post, you can find my configuration file, which you can upload with your userid and password as an attempt to get your job quickly.


Advanced Setup -> WAN -> Edit (if already a record is there) or Add

ATM PVC Configuration:

VPI: 0 and PCI: 35

Service Category: UBR without PCR

Connection type: PPPoE

Encapsulation mode: LLC/SNAP-BRIDGING

PPP Username and password: Enter userid and password provided by BSNL. You can call BSNL to get your user id and password.

PPPoE service name: It can be anything like “dataone”

Authentication method: AUTO

MTU: 1492

Network Address Translation Settings:

Enable NAT – Tick

Enable Firewall – Tick

 Enable IGMP Multicast, and WAN service

Enable WAN Service – Tick

Service Name: pppoe_0_0_35_1

Once configured, your device info should be some thing like below.

Device Info – Summary

Board ID: DSL-2520U
Software Version: IM_1.00
Software Date: Jun 11 2010
Bootloader (CFE) Version: before 1.0.37-5.12

This information reflects the current status of your DSL connection.

Line Rate – Upstream (Kbps):


Line Rate – Downstream (Kbps):


LAN IP Address:

MAC Address:


Default Gateway:

Primary DNS Server:

Secondary DNS Server:


Fri Aug 17 20:15:05 2012

Here is Diagnostic Report:

pppoe_0_0_35_1 Diagnostics

Your modem is capable of testing your DSL connection. The individual tests are listed below. If a test displays a fail status, click “Rerun Diagnostic Tests” at the bottom of this page to make sure the fail status is consistent.

Test the connection to your local network

Test your ENET Connection: PASS
Test your USB Connection: DOWN – This is fine since I use Ethernet only

Test the connection to your DSL service provider

Test ADSL Synchronization: PASS
Test ATM OAM F5 segment ping: PASS
Test ATM OAM F5 end-to-end ping: PASS

Test the connection to your Internet service provider

Test PPP server connection:


Test authentication with ISP:


Test the assigned IP address:


Ping default gateway:


Ping primary Domain Name Server:


If you don’t get your Modem up even after following the above steps, you can try my configutation file mentioned in next section.

Configuration file to make your life easier:

Here is my settings backup file, which can be used later to restore the configuration. The backup can be taken by Management -> Settings -> Backup.

  BSNL DSL-2520U Modem Configuration File (2.6 KiB, 11,901 hits)

You may try downloading this file and edit the file for following line with your own userid and password.

userName=”YOUR-USERID” password=”YOUR-PASSWORD”

Once edited you can upload this file to Modem through Management -> Settings -> Update. Once updated Save/Reboot.

All the best!


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  1. Recently got bsnl connection – Dsl2 modem
    Reseted my PPPOE password and saved, after that I’m unable to connect to internet through WiFi/lan. Icon is showing connected (no Internet).

    Anyhelp will be great

  2. My PC is ASUS chroebox CN 60^modem is DLINK DSL- 2520U &wireless router is LINKSYS cisco Model WRTU54G-TM
    Plz inform be by m email how to configurate this wifi wireless router with internet for my ASUS CN60 PC

  3. This dsl model is vulnerable to Misfortune Cookie attack. My router would lose its dns settings every few hours.


    Apparently it bypasses any password protection you can have on the dsl router. Hence praying that the virus explicitly checks for to be your router among other things, the following actions have worked for me (48 hrs so far. x x)

    1) change your model router’s ip addess to anything other than ( i.e. etc…)

    2) Write this down or bookmark this to access your router again. ( else you will have ot reset he device which will bring it back to probably – check your manual.)

    3) restrict DHCP range in DHCP Server Settings (

    It is highly likely you have 10-15 devices accessing – inlcuding your friend’s dogs wifi phone… change the default the range of DHCP IPs issued


    DHCP IP Address Range : X.X.X.X to X.X.X.X+20

    4) forward port 80 to a fictitious lan address in your network.

    goto… /portforwarding.html?Rtabhead=Advanced

    Private IP 192.168.xx.yy ( i.e- set this to a non existent computer in oyur network)
    Protocol Type ALL
    External Start Port 80
    External End Port 80
    Internal Start Port 80
    Internal End Port 80
    Connection PVC0

    hope this helps.

    1. Read u r detailed procedure for connecting D-Link DSL-2520U Modem with P.C&details are simple &followable step by step..I am gratful to u for giving such simple explanation about Modem configuration.I wish to get cleared many such doubts from experts like yourself than from service Technicians who will mislead us many times to get them call from us again & again.
      I would like to get u r advice for enabling my wireless router LINKSYS….cisc Mobile Hotspot@ Home……wireless-G broad Band Router with 2 Phone Ports Model No.WRTU54G-TM…Somebode made this WI-Fi disable to connect the Internet of Modem or BSNL hence by connecting ethrnet from D-.Link Modem to wi-fi we are unable to run my ASUS. chromebox cn60 by running Wi-Fi as before.But Mobile Micromax is getting Internet connection&possible to down load&7send mails etc.plz advice by my email address given above..thanks.(A.Chandran.Rets.Engr)18-4-15

      1. My present P.C is Model: ASUS chromebox cn60&Modem is D-LINK :DSL2520U &my LINKSYS-cisco(mobile Hot Spot@Home) -Wireless-G B.B Router with 2 Phone Ports is Model :WRTU54G-TM .I have taken BSNL B.B connection Plan of545UL etc……….After adjustment by the service provider I was getting P.C programs thru Phone line thru Spliter to Modem&other end line on Line phone jack.Eternet connection from P.C port &other end to Dlink Modem’s ethernet or Lan port.We were getting opened windows as soon as pssword is typed on screen.No problem.Secondly when I bought above Wireless router WI-FI ethernet(LAN) connection given from DLINK MOdem to WI_FI internet port&power connection also thru its adapter as usual.Then we were able to see Computer programe thru WIFI connection as well as Micromax mobile whats app etc connection also getting additionally in other Laptop&in Booklet PC also.Now with wi-fi connection ASUS P>C is not getting internet connection.but with ethernet direct connection from DLINK modem we can open windows of ASUS P.C.Then won’t get internet connection to micromax Moble phone.Kindly advise step by step how to get open P.C&Mobile Laptop etc by wifi connection thru my E mail.Tnx (acn)7-5-15

      2. with wifi wireless G BB Router LINKS cisco ASUS nc 60 is not getting internet connection,but Minimax mobile is getting connection.Plz fix m problem

        1. Advice is nice &useful My Modem is D-Lin.. DSL2520U 12v 500mA&Pc is ASUS chromebox CN 60&Mobie Hotspot@Home LINKSYS cisco model no WRTU54G-TM wireless G- Broadband Router kindly inform me in a simple step by step method how to configure the wireless wifi router so that i can enjoy PC&many other laptop&Moiles etc by this wifi without connecting Ethernet Cable from D-link to PC back port

  4. I have DLINK-DIR-615-N300, can you please guide me as how I can configure with BSNL broadband.
    Note BSNL provide only RJ11 output.

  5. i have got the same modem and have got a broadband connection from alliance broadband , can you please guide me through the installation process..

  6. Rest all is ok but after configration the internet liht won’t lit or become green stays red
    Pls help me out

  7. Sir, can u plz help me configuring my Dlink 2570U model for Reliance i m unable to find it over internet..Thnks..

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