Configuring HP Network Printer for Chrome OS through Local Network without Cloud Print support

My Acer C720 (Core i3 4Gb/32GB) Chromebook has been a light weight, portable power horse powered by Chrome OS, which is clean and fast way to access internet quickly. I am comfortable with Cloud storage for files and Google office tools for documents. But the one major problem I faced in day to day use is Printing. Chrome OS does not have native printer support. It supports Google Cloud compatible printers which are connected to internet, the document sent over internet to printer to get it printed. Though I have Google Cloud compatible HP Laserjet Pro MFP 126nw network printer, it does take a few minutes to print with my 4Mbps internet connection. So practically it is useless.

To overcome above printing issue, I use to type the documents in Chromebook and print them from Android mobile. HP Print Service Plugin (native to Android) does the job neatly. To simplify further I have installed Ubuntu on Chromebook dual boot along with Chrome OS. But not happy with dirty Chromebook (dirty jobs are enjoyable to hack but not aesthetically). A few months back HP had released printer system application for Chrome OS. I tried this, though it is very basic still it worked perfectly.

Here is how to setup your printer with Chromebook.


HP Laserjet Pro MFP 126nw Printer
HP Laserjet Pro MFP 126nw Printer


Step 1: Ensure that your printer is supported. Most of the recent HP network printers are supported (No USB printer). You can check your Printer’s eligibility here at HP’s official page. If it is eligible proceed downloading Chrome app. And also make sure that you are running Chrome version 44 and up which is the minimum version recommended by HP.


Step 2: Install the “HP Print for Chrome” application from Google Web Store.

HP Print for Chrome Download and Install
HP Print for Chrome Download and Install


Step 3: Now locate HP Print for Chrome shortcut in chrome://apps/ page. Run this app. Click “Add Printer” link and enter your printer any human readable good name and IP address of printer. You can get IP address from Printer display or by Printing Network configuration page of your printer (Refer Printer manual to get it). Another important thing is you need to have static IP address for your Printer. So make sure that your router allocates same IP address always (IP reservation) in case of DHCP router or allocate static IP address.

HP Printer Configuration screen
HP Printer Configuration screen


Adding HP Printer

You are done. Now it is time to print as usual. Chrome menu -> Print… -> Destination Change… ->. Here you should see your printer configured in Local Destination category with tag of “HP Print for Chrome” as shown below.


HP Print for Chrome - Printer Selection
HP Print for Chrome – Printer Selection


You can monitor the printing status through a nice notification as shown below.



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  3. Google Web Store to download “HP Print for Chrome”


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