Restore back Moto G 2014 (2nd Gen) to Official Stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Recently I had written a post on Rooting and Installing Custom ROM CyanogenMod 12.1 on Moto G 2014 (2nd Gen) – a Complete Guide. This post is going to detail the steps to revert back to Stock Android image from Motorola. Motorola has released Android 6.0 Marshmallow update as OTA update to those who already run stock firmware. But in case of people like me who had installed CyanogenMod kind of third party ROM can’t get this OTA update. So there is a necessity to revert back to stock firmware to taste the yummy Marshmallow. Here is how to do the same.

Preparing the Computer and Phone

If you had hacked to install Cyanogenmod, most probably you should already have this setup done. Just to make sure that document is complete, I am detailing them here.

  1. Download and install Android SDK (which provides adb and fastboot tools) and Motorola USB Drivers too.
  2. Enable Developer options in your phone: Settings -> About Phone -> Seven times tap “Build Number” quickly -> Go back -> Developer Options -> Enable USB debugging.
  3. Shutdown the phone. Press and hold Volume Down + Power button simultaneously till you get simple text screen, which shows that you are in Bootloader fastboot mode.
  4. Connect your phone to PC through USB cable. It should recognize the phone. It takes a few minutes to recognize and configure driver. In Cmd Prompt, Run “fastboot devices” (You may need to run this command from where you installed Android ADB tools) to ensure that your device is listed down. In case device is not listed, ensure that Drivers are installed properly.  Even if it works here, there is a chance of any write to device may fail while further commands we are going to issue – most probable reason could be this USB port compatibility issues. Culprit may be your ageing old USB ports. None of the USB ports in my 6 years old PC were working with either in Windows or Linux. So I had to setup this in another machine.

Installing the Stock Firmware

Here I assume that you have India version code name as XT1068. The steps are same for other country versions also. But you need to download the stock firmware image of your version.

  1. Download XT1068 Android 6.0 image archive from here. In case of XT1069, download from here.
  2. Download automatic installer script package from here.
  3. Extract installer script. Extract all files (not the folder) of Android image archive into this installer script folder.
  4. Now your phone should be in Fastboot mode – connected to PC as mentioned in previous section. Leave the phone as it is in Fastboot screen.
  5. Now run Easyinstaller.bat file in cmd prompt of Windows PC.
  6. You will be given an option to install new Android image, select and relax for a minute. It will reboot into new flashy Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It takes around 5 to 10 minutes for first boot, be patient.

Fix error in SIM registration and unable to call/message

I faced problem of unable to call or message since SIM registration failed. It looks like the modem files in above mentioned XT1068 image has Brazil specific modem files. The I found modem files for India and replaced the original modem files with India modem files.

  1. Download the modem files here and extract them.
  2. Replace the fsg.mbn and NON-HLOS.bin files on stock firmware extracted with one extracted from above archive file.
  3. Then continue with running Easyinstaller.bat as mentioned in above section.

Other troubleshooting

  1. In case phone does not come up after a long wait for more than 30 minutes, feel free to try again the above steps. But just do a factory reset and cache clear option in Easyinstaller.bat run before flashing the new image.
  2. In case phone comes up but frequent crashes, follow the above method again to fix the same.
  1. XDA guide on update
  2. XDA guide on Easy installer
  3. Modem Files for XT1068


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  1. Five stars. Great post, I helped me, now my phone is working! had to replace the Brazil modem files with the India ones and it all went well.

  2. WiFi is working (tested with chrome). BUT… Play Store can’t download new apps or update the current ones.
    Also USB seems not to work for data. Charging ok. Can’t enable developer options in order to enable USB Debugging. Any thoughts?

  3. Awesome! Thanks man.

    I reverted my phone back to stock version. The ReadMe.txt was very helpful. Also, thank you for the EasyInstaller.bat file.

  4. I have started using my office outlook in my moto G mobile few days back. i am able to view all the mails of inbox, sent items, junk etc. etc. but in drafts folder it doesn t display mails. when i explore settings and other parameters ; i have observed that only for draft folder sync this folder option is disabled. i ma not able to enable that option by selecting that check box while in other folders i am able to do it.

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