How to enter Indian Rupee (₹) symbol in KDE Plasma desktop in Linux

This is a simple HOWTO on enabling Indian Rupee symbol in keyboard for KDE Plasma desktop in Linux. By default it installs English keyboard layout of US variant. We need to add Indian variant of English keyboard to enable Rupee symbol.

Application Launcher -> System Settings -> Hardware -> Input Devices -> Keyboard -> Layouts

Click “+Add” button to bring “Add layout – System Settings” dialog box and configure as shown below:

Limit selection by language: English

Layout: Indian

Variant: English (India, with rupee sign)

Optionally set a keyboard shortcut.

Click “Preview” button to view the layout and notice the Rupee ₹ symbol in Key 4. Close this.

Now you should see Indian layout added. Select this and click “Move up” to make it default and don’t forget to Apply.

Now go to “Advanced” tab.

Enable "Configure keyboard options". 

Expand "Key to choose 3rd level" 

Select "Right Ctrl" or which ever keystroke along with  key 4 you like 
       for Rupee symbol and Apply. Avoid "Left Alt" (shown in screenshot)
       since it conflicts with most widely used other shortcuts.

Now you are ready to enter Rupee symbol (₹). Whenever you want to enter Rupee symbol press Ctrl(Right)+4 key to get ₹. Thanks for reading.

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