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  • Hello,

    Advertising Inquiries on your sites

    My name is Petter and I am an Advertising Buyer.

    I am contacting you on behalf of a client I, I’d like to inquire about a possible advertising opportunity on your site, We are promoting our major brand client who offers educational services, Technology, etc.

    Does your site offer advertising options? If so, would you be interested in discussing rates and availability?

    I am looking for “link placement on your exisiting post”, (do-follow link) We usually add a little sentence in the article.

    We used Paypal for Payment.

    If you interest, please let me know to my mail,


    Petter P.

  • TB is in version 6 now.
    The DavMail add-on is not compatible with this version.
    Will there be an upgrade?

  • hi,
    first i thank you for the wine idea. i saw it in your blog 2 months ago. from then, i am using wine to run keil and flashmagic. but recently i encountered a problem. as soon as i open keil using wine, the application launches and as soon as it displays the entire window of keil, it terminates. i dono whats the problem. this happens with both root user and guest user. looking forward for your response.

    jai hind

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