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How to read CPU, Motherboard temperature, voltage and Fan Speeds in Ubuntu


This post depicts a simple procedure to know the various sensor temperatures in computer such as Desktop and Laptop powered by Ubuntu Linux. CPU and Cabinet Cooling Fan Speeds, CPU and Motherboard voltages and temperatures. It involves getting sensors supported by kernel module and installing necessary application for the same. Package to install lm-sensors is the package which…

Lilliput DisplayLink USB Monitor UM-70 (17e9:02a9) with Raspberry Pi on raspbian

Displaylink Monitor connected to Raspberry Pi through USB hub

Some times before I posted about how I got this monitor working in Ubuntu How to get Lilliput DisplayLink based USB Monitor UM-70 (17e9:02a9) working in Ubuntu Linux. This post is about DisplayLink’s USB monitor from Lilliput working on Raspberry Pi. The configuration is as below: Hardware: Raspberry Pi, UM-70 Lilliput monitor connected to USB Port…

U-Boot tools for Debian ARM Linux in QNAP Server

Here is a small note on how to install U-Boot tools to manage boot loader from linux environment. This will provide a tool for printing environment for the bootloader U-Boot (fw_printenv) and modifying the same (fw_setenv). 1. Install the necessary U-Boot support packages # apt-get install u-boot uboot-envtools You can find your MTD partition information…